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Factors influencing the value of information

Credibility The source of information is a key factor in influencing the value of information, as it makes sense that information from a reliable source becomes more valuable, compared to rumors, or myth that is circulated. AVAILABILITY Check the information while transmitting it with many people who have this information, …

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Steps of evolution in the field of work

Why would an individual want to step up in his business..? Workers, employees in various bodies and sectors try to prove their competence and ability to work in order to gain a prominent position in their workplace, while maintaining their career while at the same time eliminating anxiety about not …

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Improve skills in strategic thinking

Making time for progress Professionals face a lot of time challenges to progress due to extreme busy work making it difficult to focus on strategic direction, addressing a problem everyday is crucial, but it’s good to set time to focus on what’s expected to make progress, and there are many …

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